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Holistic Health Services is a company founded by Horacio Roa (CMT & HC). Horacio brings 35+ years experience of Holistic Health Coaching. Over three decades of educating patients has proven that an informed lifestyle and right guidance can result in the regeneration of health; in other words, the body’s ability to heal itself can be boosted through proper coaching and without delay.

How Can Holistic Health Coaching Help? 

Holistic Health Coaching is based on education – education which helps the client implement and understand a lifestyle oriented to Self-healing.

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Ways you can access holistic coaching:

  • Private consultation and private coaching  (by phone, online, or in person). 
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Single classes: yoga for health, food therapy cooking, wild herbs recognition.
  • Workshops open to questions about specific health issues
  • 10 hrs self-help courses for specific health issues.
  • Career courses for Holistic Health Coach, and for Acupressure (Shiatsu) Therapist
  • Private Retreats, Weekend Retreats, and Day Retreats in the Foothills.


How Does Holistic Health Coaching Works?

Holistic Health Center for Natural Health Consultation and Self-healing Education.

We are all about natural tools and resources for self-healing education, consultation and coaching.

"Through a holistic health consultation about natural healing,” Horacio explains, “I’ll provide you with enough information to start you on the path to self-healing - the path to better enjoy your life.”

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A wonderful opportunity to make adjustments to your lifestyle is the Health Coaching Retreat program for a day or for the weekend. Learning self-healing needs the guidance of someone that has walked that path. Weekend Retreats are offered in Lake Tahoe, and Oregon House in the North Yuba Foothills. During the retreat events we offer a series of key educational classes about self-healing with facts and information that can help you understand how to regain health and energy with ease. Most of the classes are offered individually weekly or monthly as part of our open educational classes, and as part of the career education program.

“My name is Horacio Roa, I'm the founder of Holistic Health Services and a healer with 35+ yr experience practicing, coaching, and consulting about natural self-healing. You can find more information about me by clicking here.  If you would like to contact me, It's easy to book online. Also, I would like to invite you to review some basic information such as my Holistic Approach for Natural Self-healing and the informed consent.

Thank you for connecting with me!"

- Horacio Roa

Health Coaching Online Center

Holistic Health Coaching Consultation and Programs for Self-healing

Through a holistic health coaching consultation I'll provide you with enough information to start your self-healing path and to enjoy better your life.
It's easy to book online. I invite you to review some basic information such as my approach to healing and the informed consent.

The Health Coaching Programs are offered at the convenience of our offices or online as well as during our retreats programs. Holistic Health Coaching can help you solve most health issues through the use of natural and alternative preventive methods and techniques. Browse the different menu options on the top of the screen to view offerings for each topic or main area of interest.

My name is Horacio Roa, I'm the founder of Holistic Health Services and healer with 30+ yr experience practicing, coaching, and consulting about natural self-healing. You can find more information about me and my experience with Self-healing by clicking here.

Thank you for connecting with me!

Horacio Roa

530-790-5167 / 530-763-0079

Online Health Consultation
Holistic Health Consultation and Coaching for Self-healing

Yoga Classes Nevada City, Yuba City, Marysville. Access Online Yoga Classes for Health.

Offering Geometric Yoga Classes 

Nevada City, Yuba City, and Oregon House/Dobbins

Geometric Yoga Classes for Self-Healing, Regeneration & Genetic Transformation

Geometric Yoga is a the knowledge of yoga adapted to our society and ways of living. Stretching, breathing, attention and relaxation are the four golden rules of this practice. Balancing postures help coordinate the right and left sides of the brain and other postures tone the organs, help move the blood, cleanse and regenerate cells using oxygen through breathing and relaxation.

In this section of our site, you can find information about:

How to Optimize your Yoga and Bodywork Sessions

Combined bodywork sessions helps optimize health benefits

We encourage you to try and see what the experience is when you combine therapeutic sessions after a yoga bodywork session. Our experience is that In doing so, you can bringing relaxation and detox to a deeper  level, making it much more benefitial by helping you achieve results faster.

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Find All Health Benefits of Each Yoga Posture: Learn Geometric Yoga.
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Yoga Videos

An introduction to Yoga for Health Videos

Remember that Yoga well practiced include the use of 4 rules: attention, breathing, relaxation and stretching, all of which helps decrease levels of stress and aid the natural flow of the body to regenerate. Yoga is not about reaching the best posture. It is about discovering the benefits through experiencing the limits that your body has developed through time. To break tensions and blocks that have build through time is not possible if you do any exercise in a tense way: streatching and relaxation are the keys that can only be reached when there is proper breathing and focused attention to your body to aid the relaxation and stretching, making the oxygen to go depeer into your cells, bringing more relaxation and more stretching to your workout: more health to your health!


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Holistic Health Coaching


Make the changes you wish to see in your life!

We offer Holistic Health Coaching Retreats where the best ideas and useful and proven to work information  in relation to your health are the highlight of the retreats.

Accommodations are provided in local Resorts, or if desired, in private retreat houses, as well as at the place of your choice. (Note: Accommodations are not included for day retreat programs unless especially requested in which case accommodation fees will apply).

Contact us for retreats in the mountainsretreat in the cityretreat in the rainforest, or foothills retreatswith rural enviroment. We can provide you the holistic health coaching retreat service at the place of your choice and  make your own program for which we can help you decide your best choices based on your present health situation customizing your retreat experience through a Holistic Health Consultation in person, through the phone, or On-line.

Types of Retreats Programs we currently offer:

Contact us on-line for fast sign up and more information: 530-763-0079 / 530-790-5167

by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype us at holistic.health.services

More information about our RETREAT PROGRAMS:



Holistic Nutrition

The yin and yang approach to Acid and Alkaline Diet and Ingredients.

When you can precisely recognize acid and alkaline ingredients, you can personalize a balance of food combinations to match your energy and health needs. The reference point to acid and alkaline ingredients is not based on the ph western table. The table of alkaline and acid is based on the circular measure from the yin and yang. One thing is more acid or more alkaline in relationship to the others, and the main patterns to measure come from nature: water, fire, earth, air, and organics. One thing is relative to another in the circular relationship between them.

When considering your diet consider the following information:

Read more: Alkaline Diet


More information about Holistic Nutrition, Alkaline Diet, and some Alkaline Food Recipes:



Food for Healing

Today's Recipe

INTRODUCTION: In this section we are featuring the importance of food as medicine through practical and simple tips and recipes. Horacio is a Dietary technician with a graduate degree from the Technical School of Health in Buenos Aires. Since 1985, he has completed parallel studies in Chinese methods of medicinal healing, and yoga. He has worked in Hospitals, clinics, and privately, recommending the best dietary approach for healing specific health issues. His capacity for treating clients by using food as a primary medicinal approach to healing has been praised by his clients over the last 30 years. Read testimonials from clients. Read more about Horacio's education and professional experience.

More information? Click to read about:

Press: Horacio's cooking for health has been featured in the Appeal-Democrat the Food Section Neighbor's Favorite Cooking: Read the article at this link: http://www.appeal-democrat.com/neighbor-s-favorite-cooking-for-good-health/article_20827753-1fe8-5af3-9a1b-e6bd3cc6e08f.html?mode=story


 We are glad to help: Contact our Live Help for any questions you might have.



Products for Health | Yerba Mate, Pure Encapsulation, Umeboshi Plums, and more...

Holistic Health Products

View our selection of best health products we personally use and recommend.

Our list includes: Pure Encapsulations Products, Yerba Mate Products, Umeboshi Plums, Spirulina, Herbs and More.
View our List of Gift Cards for Health.

In this section you can find what our clients say about Holistic Health Services. We invite you to follow us in LinkedIn and read live testimonials.


Holistic Health Courses for Self-healing

Online Health Coaching Education